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Crazy CFNM Judged Who The Farthest Money Shot

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Guys from all over the state were recruited to audition in a new porn video. The one who shoots his cum the farthest wins!

Female Strippers Fuck The Waiter in Their Dressing Room

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What usually happens in the backstage of a stripper club? Watch the video and find out what strippers do when they get horny.

Menage a Trois – A Stud and Two Bimbos

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Fully clothed and accessorized bimbos sucking a stripper's dick. These two crazy MILFs wore their best clothes and jewelries to attract the already paid male stripper.

4 Horny Girls Want To Suck Male Model’s Cock

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This time it aint the guys getting off on watching webcam models. It's the women! Watch as these 4 young women enjoy sharing this stud's cock!

Housewives Thought The Plumber Was Hot

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Group of ladies had a get together and were preparing for dinner. They noticed the sink was leaking so they called up a local plumber. The housewives thought he was hot so they seduced and sucked his dick. They cleane...

Trio In Party Dress Dick Riding Guy in Car Garage

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This guy with a huge dick invited the girls he just met on the race track. The horny triplets were more than happy to give this guy what he wants, joined the guy, sucked and dick rode him till he came.

Cheer Leaders Having A Taste of the Campus Stud

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Horny bitches invited the campus heartthrob in their locker room and started seducing him. Girls did a reverse gangbang on the guy.

Gangbang In a Photo Studio

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Three lady photographers, who are into porn scene, fucked their male model after a photo shoot session.

British Babe Took Off Her Corset

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Guy did not know how hot this lady is until she took off her corset and stripped naked in front of him. That did the job on making him come.

Race To Cum Heaven

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Friends group each other into two. Each group must make their guy come so they can win.

Competition Amongst Friends

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Friends dared themselves on whomever can make a guy come in 15 minutes by masturbating them, wins!

Reunion Turned To Orgy

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Four best friends finally met again after many years. They wanted their reunion to be memorable so they hired some guys so they can show the things they weren't able to do then.

I’ve Been Doing This Since I Was In College

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Group of British MILFs hired a couple of male prostitutes for sex. One of the ladies just loved dominating men, and she has been doing this way back when she was still young.

Dick Lineup

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Crazy ladies lineup a group of naked masked men to take the sizes of their dicks, then wank them!

Bachelorette Party Gone Wet and Wild

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It was a boring party at first until the male strippers arrived and started fucking every women in the room. Bachelorette was the first one to taste a male stripper's dick. Then everyone just jumped on.

Whipped Creamed Hotdogs for Everyone

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One of male strippers' trademark moves is to put whipped cream on their dicks and have the ladies licked them. This one is no exception as the ladies enjoyed sucking those dicks with sweet whipped cream.

I Dubbed Thee, Master of Disaster!

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Dancing bear star male stripper gave lady-audiences, pure erotic entertainment!

Guy From Nat Geo is a Stripper

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This guy looking like an explorer from Nate Geo, barged in to this girls dormitory and started stripping. Which of course, the girls already anticipated that he would do that, thats why they are all there.

Being Unknown Yet Popular

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Wearing mask during performances has its positives and negatives. People won't recognize me when I go out in the public, meaning I still have my privacy intact. But hot women wouldn't know I was the one who gave them ...

Roommate Is an Exhibitionist

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Their guy roommate, in one of his crazy moment, wanking in front of her. The girls discuss their disgust, but the other girl has a different opinion.

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