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Some Girls Are Just Plain Mental

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Crazy bitches proving their dominance over men. They do it by ordering them to make a fool of themselves. Girls tied them up, blindfold them, then do all sorts of stuff to them.

Guys on Bikinis Getting Sucked and Fucked

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Guys were lined up by the pool by a group of mean slutty bitches. They were told to wear bikinis. Then as a reward, they were given blowjobs and one of them got a cock ride.

Girls Playing On the Guy’s 7-inch Dick

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Girls measured one of the guy's dick for the audition. They measured it, put some lube on it, and jacked it off to see how quick he would come.

Guys Wearing Bikinis Getting Humiliated

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They were asked to wear ladies bikinis for fun. As a reward, they were given a blowjob by some of the girls.

I’ve Been Measured and Found Pounding!

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I auditioned for the part of a male porn character. They first measured my dick. Then one of the ladies found my dick nice, so she bended over and asked for a pussy pounding! But I came too early so I didn't get the p...

Random Girls Invited tho Watch at Guys Masturbate

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Three ladies are given the task to time a guy make his dick erect. He does this by masturbating in front of the ladies.

Bad Girls Used Guy’s Butt Like a Puppeteer

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Bad girls doing all sorts of humiliating things to the guys. First was they made the guy butt "talks". The other guy put hi penis between his own legs to make him look like a girl.

Naughty Bad Girls Getting Curious with His Cock and their Machine

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Naughty ladies brought out an electric male masturbating machine, so that the guy can try to reach orgasm by masturbating using it. When it seems like the guy won't come, they replaced him with another guy.

Stupid Bitch Trying to Make a Guy’s Dick Hard

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One of the ladies tried to make the guy's cock hard by riding it. When it didn't work, she gave him a blowjob instead. Now only time will tell if she will successful.

Its Not the Size that Matters, Its their Moods

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Ladies really did not mind this guy's tiny dick. They were so horny that they even gave him a blowjob and a breast fuck!

Guys Forced to Wear Girls’ Bikinis

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These girls are having fun making the guys do anything outdoors. The first act is for them to wear ladies bikinis. They have to wear them in front of the girls.

Dumb Guys Sex Position 101

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This guy is being played by a group of naughty bitches. They put him in all kinds of uncomfortable position while being strapped on a cradle.

Role Reversal in a Porn Audition

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The girls were supposed to be the dominant character in this role play. But when the guy started getting nude and showing off his buffed torso and erect cock, girls have gone crazy!

They Like It with Extra Skin at the Tip

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Ladies making fun of guys with uncircumcised dicks. They first gave them blowjobs then started doing sorts of things. Like smacking their butts and squeezing their balls.

Target my Huge Tits!

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Ladies playing on this one guy. They drew a target on one of the busty judges. The guy has to shoot his cum to the bulls eye so he could get paid.

I Didn’t Know That This Will Be Worth It

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I was hired to be a part of a social experiment. It was about female dominance on males when it comes to sex. I knew that I will be humiliated but I needed the money. When the act has been made I came more times, than...

Girl in Glasses Jacked Off Dumbo the Elephant

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Girl judge, drew an elephant around the dude's dick. The trunk part being his dick. She then proceed on giving him a handjob and measuring the guy's full length.

Naked Guys at the Mercy of Horny Amateur Girls

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Two girls stripped the guy naked and made them fuck them on public. The guys couldn't help themselves banging those sweet pussy girls.

Gotta Return the Favor

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The host got her pussy fingered by one of the guys. She felt so good and horny that she felt she had to return the favor by blowjob and riding his dick!

Horny Girls From Miami Love To Get Fucked

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These girls from Miami Florida are bending over to get fucked in the ass with big hard cocks.

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