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Porn Guys Picking Up Regular Girls in a Coffee Shop

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These guys who works in porn industry doing a little experiment for their up and coming reality porn TV show. They are trying to prove a point that even regular girls dig porn star guys.

Dick Guessing Show

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Girls playing a guessing game. They draw on their white board what could the guy's cock looks like. Whoever wins can suck the cock.

The Package Guessing Show

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Busty host and two other girls have guys lined up while only wearing trousers. The girls were asked to guess what the guys dicks looks like in terms of shape and size.

Reality TV for Porn Stars Just Went Live

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These three girls judges the guys' cock according to girth and length. If they find one that passes their criteria, they immediately asked the guy to fuck them or masturbate in front of them.

Penis Preferences of Two Hot Blondes

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The host of this reality porn show is interviewing two hot blondes. The question is about their penis preferences. One of the girls would like normal size, just about the right fir to her tight pussy. The other would ...

The Whores of Malibu

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These girls watches one of their girl friends blowing one of the guys they picked up at the beach. The girls are observing how the guy reacts if other girls are watching him getting his dick sucked by a hot chick.

Guys Picking Up Hot Girls While Being Video Taped

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These guys decided to make a sort of documentary on how easy it is to pick up girls in public places during the day. The bald guy is their star and the camera caught his every move.

Super Hot Slut Gives Handjob of a Life Time

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Slut and her skanky friend jerk off this male stripper till they get cum all over their hands

Ladies Letting Go of Their Inhibitions

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An example of a girl going wild and crazy was one of the party girls in the video stripping naked in front of everyone.

Regular Guys Showing Off Penis to Three Hot Ladies

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These girls have never felt this awkward in their entire lives. Guys are paid to show off their penises and the girls score them by their length and girth.

To These Girls, Size Do Matter

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These girls conducting an audition and decide to toy with one of the guys' dick. They draw an elephant on the guy's crotch area and his dick as the pachyderm's trunk.

I Dubbed Thee, Master of Disaster!

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Dancing bear star male stripper gave lady-audiences, pure erotic entertainment!

Will This MILF She Suck His Cock?

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Will this hot milf wearing a blue top and short skirt give this male stripper a blowjob infront of her friends? Find out!

Wanking in Front of a Hot TV Show Host and Her Guest

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Hots and a bunch of girls paid this guy to masturbate in front of him. The even help him by giving him an expensive lubricant made specially for wanking. Girls enjoying this guy stroking his cock in front of them.

Guys Wearing Bikinis Getting Humiliated

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They were asked to wear ladies bikinis for fun. As a reward, they were given a blowjob by some of the girls.

Swinging with Naked Dude and Voluptuous Host

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Pepper is at it again humiliating another guy in front of her cohorts. The guy is naked while sitting on a swing like contraption. Then Pepper asks one of the girls to give this dude a good blow.

Girls Having Fun at the Cabana

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These girls are preparing for a big party. And it seems they are having too much fun doing it. They just couldn't help touching each others body and shoving hot dogs up each other's butts!

Guy From Nat Geo is a Stripper

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This guy looking like an explorer from Nate Geo, barged in to this girls dormitory and started stripping. Which of course, the girls already anticipated that he would do that, thats why they are all there.

Guys Who Would Love to Show Their Dicks to Girls

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Pick up artists targeted a local restaurant to pick up girls who would love to see them naked. These guys have guts as they do their pick ups in the morning.

Panel of Girls Enjoying a Guy Masturbates Using Dick Pump

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These girls would like to know if guys actually reach orgasm using sex toys/gadgets. They bought a penis pump online and have one of their crew try it in front of camera.

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